Zoë Jordan RTW Fall 2015 – The Standard, High Line Hotel – February 15, 2015

by Maire McMahon


Let me first start off with an unfortunate disclaimer – I did not attend this fashion presentation. Although it is a very long story that, for the sake of this recap, I will save for another date but, lets just say it involves one crushed front bumper, one dented rear bumper and two, very angry taxi drivers.

Regardless, I could not be more upset I missed the Zoë Jordan Fall 2015 fashion presentation. I was so excited when I initially received the invitation to attend this event because this Dublin-born designer is seriously revving up the contemporary fashion scene – I would have loved to see her creations up-close in such an intimate setting as the High Line at the Standard Hotel. Fortunately RAGTRADE Atlanta Founder and Co-chair Angela Watts attended this event and gave me the full, low-down on the collection that WWD.com has summed up as an ‘urban winter wonderland.’

Pouring over the collection photos of icy hues, crisp whites, fur textures, structured outerwear, delicious crepe silks all paired with androgynous footwear– I think they hit the summary spot-on.

According to Style.com, Jordan gathered her inspiration for this creation while barreling down the runs of the Swiss Alps with her family. The collection titled, Serac (which directly translates to ‘block of ice’ in Swiss French) presented an ultra-tight lineup starting with day looks that included a palate of icy blues and whites in powder-soft textures like Mongolian sheepskin and then transcended into dark, shiny, rock formation-type pieces for evening.

I believe Zoë Jordan has successfully epitomized current contemporary fashion with her Fall 2015 collection. To quote Style.com once again, the collection is built for a young girl who loves fashion, shine, fur and showing a little skin (just as most contemporary fashionistas do). There was a party girl element to shirtless evening suits with a glittering finish and cropped pants, and an overcoat worn, also shirtless, over black croc-stamped shorts. But these happily avoided any trashiness thanks to Jordan’s fine tailoring and choice of boyish loafers.

Hopefully I’ll catch you next season Zoë! In the meantime, you can catch me prancing around Buckhead in this collection this Fall.


Photo credit: Style.com, courtesy of Zoë Jordan

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