As an emerging designer, this journey can be challenging. It’s easy to lose your motivation, passion, and excitement about your dream. We’re here to provide you with some helpful insights from a few of our interviews with emerging designers. We asked them “What is one piece of advice that you would give to your fellow emerging designers?”

“Perseverance. Port Zienna is also new in the industry and we can say that although the process to become known is difficult, it is wonderful to believe and fight for something you have a passion for. You have to persevere throughout the entire process, knock doors, call people, and although it’s very scary to get out there and show your work to the world, you wouldn’t be making a change if it does not scare you.”

-Founder of Port Zienna Francesca Canepa

“My best advice would be to not be afraid to ask questions. Most people are willing to lead you in the right direction, you just need to ask. Never give up. It’s an uphill struggle for sure, but one that you can conquer as long as you keep your dream in sight. You HAVE to HUSTLE every day, but working on something you love is worth it. I mean, that’s the dream, right?”

-Creator of Mouré Monique Mouré Chawora

“Do and make something worthwhile. There’s enough junk in the world, so design something that contributes to a greater good.”

Megan Huntz, Atlanta native, and emerging designer

“The best advice I have is to be confident and truly believe in yourself and your brand. Keep moving even when it seems impossible. Keep the vision alive and really learn from your mistakes.”

-Veronica Ramirez, emerging designer

“The most important thing is to have confidence in yourself. This is what I am most aware of now. Since I’m in the process of creating something of my own, I’ve noticed that this journey is scary. Obviously, everyone has better and worse days but you must be constant- and if you have a dream or a project that you want to make real you have to go ahead and never accept NO as an answer.”

Kids of Broken Future, emerging brand