Paging all punctual high rollers. During its special event today, Apple announced that it will be producing a version of its Apple Watch with an Hermès band. High fashion has cozied up to high tech plenty over the past few years: Gucci has embarked on a wearable device and Opening Ceremony teamed up with Intel on a smart bracelet, in two of the most notable partnerships. But this marks the first time fashion-beloved Apple is joining forces with a luxury brand, and the fact that it’s a storied luxury-goods house like Hermès’s is a sign that the style world is taking the opportunities (and potential revenue) offered by wearable devices ever more seriously. The band will come in three different styles, and the watch screen will use the Hermès font. Update: Apple has released the pricing for the device. It will run from $1,100 to $1,500, depending on the style, and will go on sale October 5.
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