Wardrobe Must Have – The Bomber Jacket

The fall and winter seasons bring about the most coveted fashion finds around. Whether you’re wearing an off the shoulder top or high waist skirt, the finishing touch for those autumn afternoons is the bomber jacket from Arcana NYC.

Each bomber jacket is one of a kind and uniquely crafted from salvaged vintage kimono silk. With traditional Japanese garments relegated to special occasions in modern Japan, the country’s number of illustrious silk artisans has dwindled. Vintage silks of every hue, displaying motifs central to the culture’s visual lexicon, have been wrapped up and stored away in warehouses. Arcana salvages and repurposes these precious emblems of Japan’s rich textile history. One bolt, or tan, is only enough to make a single kimono. Thus, each garment made from this vibrant silk is a one-of-a-kind heirloom showcasing the beautiful craftsmanship of a bygone Japan.

These bomber jackets are available on the Arcana NYC website and retails for $578. Colors range from peach, to deep orange, and olive.

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