Technology is drastically changing the way fashion pieces are designed and how retailers sell apparel. In fact, there are a few top tools being used today that are making a lasting impression on consumers from first look to purchase. Check out the list below and let us know your thoughts…

Stitch Labs
The name may sound like it was specifically created for those creating new stitches and apparel, but in reality Stitch Labs keeps your business stitched together as a cohesive operation. The platform not only manages inventory and syncs in near real-time, but the multichannel solution has an integration for almost any platform you use, from Quickbooks, Xero, Paypal, Square, and BigCommerce, to the biggest names, Amazon and Shopify.

Designed for small and medium businesses to collaborate on design concepts, sample requests, and tech packs, Fashionware is all you need to manage an apparel organization from an idea to a finished piece ready to be purchased by consumers. The platform manages relationships between designers, technical design specialists, agents and manufacturers.

WASP’s QuickStore Pro POS Solution
Wasp QuickStore Professional is designed to deliver superior customer service and improve profitability. The package is ideal for single-store retailers seeking a more efficient way to manage POS transactions and business data, offering the features your business requires.

Hiring a social media management expert isn’t necessary when businesses use the Perch app. Designed to give a “bird’s-eye view” of reviews, posts and engagement from all the biggest social platforms, Perch will also alert business owners to what the competition is doing for just a fraction of the cost of a new employee’s salary.

Managing employee payroll is usually time consuming, painful and complex – but ZenPayroll is a modern, meaningful tool that connects payers with payees in a more positive way. With daily digests and employee control over personal information, the platform enables business owners to be much more calm about compensation.

Know what customers are saying with a support system that works as fast as you do. No matter if your business is two people or twenty, Desk will enable members to collaborate in real-time and respond to customer inquiries from phone, email, Twitter, Facebook, and more.