If you haven’t been outside recently, it’s cold. Not just cold though, it’s COLD. So cold in fact parts of the south that don’t normally see temperatures below 40 degrees are now seeing temperatures dip below freezing.

With temps so cold, folks that would normally be soaking up the sun are in need of a winter jacket.

The Very Warm is a new outerwear brand that does exactly what its name suggests, keeps you very warm.

The Very Warm is made from the highest quality fabrics and trims at an extremely competitive price. Each collection features a mini collaboration with artists that the brand has grown to love and appreciate

Men’s puffer jackets retail for $375 and feature artwork from TRAV and the women’s jackets retail for $350 and feature artwork from Caleb Troy on the inner lining. Both styles also feature performance qualities like water and wind repellant in addition to hoods to shield the wind.