Each city brings its own flare to Fashion Month street style. And while we have mad love for our home turf — there’s something so utterlyNew York about the snaps from NYFW — Londoners never cease to take things to the next level, inspiring us to do the same. There are mornings when we look in the mirror before we leave the house and take off one thing that feels like “too much.” London style stars, however, keep the “too much” in the picture, and then some — yet they still manage to look effortless.

Whether it’s mixing bold, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that prints, rocking a super-exaggerated sleeve, or tying a scarf in a totally new way, the outfits ahead pack a punch that make our styling gears turn. Why not wear hiking boots with your black cocktail dress, or coordinate with your BFF in head-to-toe orange and pink outfits? The stylish London fashion week-goers ahead are clearly proud believers in the #EffTheRules mentality, and their looks will have you pairing things in your closet that you never thought would go together. Click on for 60 must-see, must-copy looks, and maybe rethink taking off that extra accessory before you leave the house.

Story Cred: Refinery29

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