Antonio Brown and Jason Derulo are the men of LVL XIII (pronounced level thirteen). We had the opportunity to interview both emerging designers at the debut of their collaborative collection at the Lenox Square Bloomingdales.

This collection was inspired by both Jason and Antonio’s former self. Jason describes how before his fame, he often had trouble finding clothing that was both fashionable and affordable. This happens to be his favorite feature of the collection; the fact that it’s considered high fashion but won’t break the bank. “I love the fact that this brand offers me value.” – Jason Derulo.


“The LVL XIII man is one that wants that perfect balance, that wants to look good, and cares about his presentation.” – Jason Derulo

When asked about the idea of the LVL XIII man, both designers had this to say, “(Both Jason and Antonio look at each other and laugh) I think we both are. The LVL XIII man is one that wants that perfect balance, that wants to look good, and cares about his presentation.” To have two men behind the development of this brand is what we believe will help take LVL XIII to level 14. There’s a sense of personal identity and detailed features that speaks from the designers to the consumers. It lets you know that there was thought and care in the creation process. “We designed this collection through our own experiences,” – Antonio Brown.

The influence of LVL XIII on the fashion scene is on a skyward path. “I think, for us, the influence that we are seeking is actually being created. With this, comes the impact and the market. What we are doing is very fashion forward, very futuristic, very street-luxury and I think these are all the elements. And then by adding the value piece to these high-end garments that we are selling through this partnership with Bloomingdales, I think it’s definitely creating the visibility and the marketplace and the impact with other competitors in the marketplace,” – Antonio Brown.

“As a designer, you should first be true to yourself”- Antonio Brown

It’s important for fellow emerging designers to see the levels that can be achieved from hard work and dedication which is why the question “what is one piece of advice that you would give to other emerging designers aspiring to reach higher levels?” is always asked during our interviews. Antonio and Jason both agreed on one point: be true to yourself first. “As a designer, you should first be true to yourself. You should want to create something that you would feel comfortable in first. I think every designer has a picture of who they are in their minds. I think their lines should be a depiction of their ideas.”  Antonio followed with “Like Jason said, be true to yourself first and to never give up on your dreams. Jason and I didn’t come from the fashion industry, this was just a dream of ours. For us, it’s about following your dreams and never taking no for an answer.”

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RAGTRADE ATLANTA is excited to see emerging designers paving the way for their take on fashion to reach the next level. LVL XIII is on its way to becoming a household fashion brand.

You can now shop LVL XIII at select Bloomingdales across the country.

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Pictured: RAGTRADE ATLANTA Contributing Blogger: Imani with Antonio Brown and Jason Derulo