What if your average clothing stores were no longer average clothing stores, but almost like an online shopping experience? Remembering everything you skipped over, tried on, and even purchased. Not only would customers no longer have the awkward encounter of trying to get help while half-naked in the dressing rooms, but it would also help the store track inventory and let the store know what the customer purchased and what they left behind.

Rebecca Minkoff has just opened two stores in San Francisco and New York that aim to do just that and so much more. Each store has a connected wall right when you walk in, displaying a 122-inch ultra high-definition screen showing runway footage, photos, and a call-to-action from Rebecca Minkoff. Here, customers are able to browse store items and request merchandise with specific sizes to try on, and in exchange for a phone number, customers receive a text notification when their dressing room is available.

Not only does the front of the store have a touch screen display wall, but all of the dressing rooms do as well. The moment a customer enters a dressing room,  RFID tags in the merchandise are read from an antenna located above in the light fixtures, and images automatically appear on the mirror which doubles as a touchscreen. It acts as a personal shopping assistant showing images of other clothes or accessories that pair well with what the customer is trying on.

These tech dressing rooms tell the store what the customer bought and what they decided not to buy. It helps the store know what is popular in stock, how much inventory they have, and even allows the store to alert customers of clothing back in stock. “It’s about capturing data you usually lose,” Mr. Cypher says.