With the limelight shining brightly following an appearance on fashion reality show Fashion Star from US broadcaster NBC , Atlanta-based designer Edmond Newton continues to explore his design aesthetic and upgrade his skills so that he can express them with impeccable style.

Fashion Star gave Edmond the opportunity to work with three of America top retail chain stores Saks Fifth Avenue and H&M, as well as Macy’s, where his designs where bought, manufactured and retailed. Edmond also makes regular guest appearances on a number of US television shows, as a celebrity designer.

Edmond recently won a one-year Lectra design solution license as part of his participation in RAGTRADE Atlanta, an initiative created by a group of industry professionals with the goal of developing a vibrant and globally recognized fashion community for the City of Atlanta, US. The organization aims to discover and promote independent designers worldwide by providing a space for fresh talent to showcase their designs to leaders in the fashion community such as buyers, editors, retailers and key influencers.

Lectra interviewed Edmond at the Lectra Atlanta office, when he had popped by to hone his skills on Lectra design solution, Kaledo…

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(Left) Edmond Newton on Fashion Stars

(Left) Edmond Newton on NBC Fashion Stars