RAGTRADE ATLANTA hosted our first membership event at the Lectra headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

Lectra is the world’s leader in integrated technology solutions particularly designed for industries operating with fabrics, leather, technical textiles, and composite materials to produce their products. Lectra services a wide variety of industries but their top world markets are fashion and apparel, automotive, and furniture.

Members toured Lectra’s Atlanta office, gained knowledge of the company from Daniella Ambrogi: Vice President of Marketing, Christine Fox: Design Solution Expert, and Carlos Jimenez: Professional Services Manager, Fashion & Apparel, and received a firsthand look at Kaledo, and Modaris, Lectra’s virtual design modules.







Overall, our visit to Lectra’s Atlanta office was a great kickoff for our membership events. Our next event will be a tour of the Blankslate Showroom. If you don’t want to miss it click HERE to become a member!