RAGTRADE ATLANTA members toured BLANKSLATE’s Showroom this past Friday. Felicia Ruiz, BLANKSLATE’s Showroom manager filled us in on what it takes to run a successful showroom, how she obtained this position, and why she’s an advocate for emerging designers beginning in showrooms.

What stands out about the BLANKSLATE Showroom is that they house brands specifically from London. The theme of BLANKSLATE is a combination of Bohemian and contemporary styles and it’s shown through the brands they choose to house.

Below are the brands that BLANKSLATE Showroom currently houses.





Although the main purpose of a showroom is to house samples and distribute when necessary, BLANKSLATE isn’t limited to just those. The location in Atlanta houses samples, distributes, and BLANKSLATE’s team is over their sales also. This is what distinguishes BLANKSLATE from so many other showrooms.

BLANKSLATE’s Showroom is located in the exclusive AmericasMart, which our members had the chance to tour and shop. Gina Kwok Vice President- Apparel Marketing of AmericasMart briefly went over the buildings and floors of AmericasMart as well as shared information about the yearly events that take place.


Our members walked away with new knowledge pertaining to the future of showcasing fashion, the busy life of a showroom manager, steps on how to gain a career in the field of fashion showrooms, and some even walked away with a few pieces from Felecia’s favorite jewelry shop that we passed on our tour.


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