How did you get started in the business?


I studied at Central Methodist University where I received a BA in Theater/Communications. I became intrigued with theatrical makeup during my studies. Later, I honed my craft at Van Michael Salons in Atlanta, GA.  In 1998, I left the salon to pursue a career as a Freelance Makeup Artist. My first celeb clients were the girls of the Grammy Award Winning group TLC! This is the point that my career took flight and I haven’t looked back since! It’s been a tremendous blessing to be able to make a living at something I love!


How does your beauty philosophy translate to your work with your celebrity clientele?


My beauty philosophy is to help facilitate that confidence that comes along with feeling good in your skin. Sometimes looking good is a precursor to feeling awesome. I love making my clients, whether they are celebs or not, feel amazing!  Since the interpretation of beauty is so personal, I always try to give my clients what they want without pushing them to far out of their comfort zone. One’s personal style In terms of fashion, hair and makeup is an extension of who they are as an individual. So I always approach a makeup application by considering my client’s own sense of style. I simply do a remix” of what they already like while keeping it current and fresh. Moreover, concerning celebs my makeup looks must compliment and enhance their professional “brand” that they are constantly working hard to build.


What is the process of working with Jennifer Hudson like?


The process of working with Jennifer Hudson is similar to the process I follow with all my clients! We approach each job as an opportunity to create an amazing look that is in line with the context of the job! If it is a job strictly dealing with her music, we can be more edgy and push the envelope. However, if she’s doing a commercial or an ad campaign our look must reflect the tone of the clients needs. I really enjoy the versatility of working with Jennifer… She’s super talented and has many interesting layers.


Why do you think vintage and “Old Hollywood glamour” are such a persistent inspirations for makeup artists?


I personally believe that vintage Hollywood glamour  had a depth and soul artistically that we lack today.  First of all, celebrities back then were like Demi-gods! The reverence and respect people had for them was on a totally different level. So to have the opportunity to work in the entertainment industry was a very big deal. Most importantly, there was a deeper appreciation for the art of makeup and it required more extensive training. The biggest thing for me in terms of my fascination with “old Hollywood Makeup” is that I know more thought and planning went into the entire process of building the images of celebs and/or the characters they portrayed. And the detail and skill level they possessed was unbelievable… Remember they couldn’t cheat with Photoshop and all the retouching technology that we have available to us today! They had to really achieve total perfection in their makeup applications every single time. Now that’s some serious pressure! I salute those artists…


How do you source inspiration?


I keep my eyes and ears on the streets… I try to always be aware of what’s happening next in fashion and beauty so I watch the trends! Of course I put my own spin on what’s current  but you have to stay fresh by always being a student. Never stop learning and growing. I believe that I’ve remained relevant all these years because I know I don’t know EVERYTHING! There’s always something new to learn in a world that never a stops evolving.


What’s one color you wish people embraced more?


Hummmm… You got me on that one! I see so much out there in terms of color! I feel the variety of color play is in a great place in fashion and makeup! People are doing all sorts of experimenting with color… Sometimes I’m even caught of guard when I see a Turquoise lip just walking around in the streets. It’s refreshing and surprisingly a non-traditional color like this totally “reads” even off the runway!