RAGTRADE ATLANTA had the opportunity to interview Megan Huntz. In our interview, we got to experience Megan as a person, and gather knowledge of her eponymous brand. The comfort, simplicity, and quality of Megan Huntz is what attracts her customers and intrigued us to find out more about the brand. We look forward to seeing where Megan Huntz, the creator, and brand, leads us in the future of fashion in Atlanta.

Read the detailed interview below.

I design a contemporary women’s wear collection for the modern, creative woman that is entirely manufactured in Atlanta, GA. Years of studying, working, and living abroad, have enriched my design language and given me a global perspective. Domus Academy took me to Milan in 2003, where I began my career in the Italian fashion industry and discovered a true love for fine art, everyday elegance, and good living. I also have a degree in Industrial Design, from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn (1999), which has given me a huge appreciation for design, including graphic arts, furniture, and interiors. I’ve had the privilege of exploring fashion with a multi-disciplinary approach, always grounded in the philosophy that form follows function. A proud champion of the Slow Fashion Movement, I’m passionate about conscious, well-crafted design. Since my return to my hometown of Atlanta in 2010, I’ve taken my combined experiences to share a point of view that is deeply connected to a timeless sense of style, yet highly contemporary.


  • What presence does/do you hope for your brand to have in Atlanta?

I love Atlanta and I think my point of view is pretty reflective of the new wave of creative people here. Atlanta is hard to define and this really works to our advantage; it allows for a lot of creative (both physical and mental) space. I’ve always thought that constant for everyone here is that we have our own space, pace, and light to work in. I hope I can represent Atlanta by staying authentic to that, and I hope the city loves me back for it.

  • What is one piece of advice that you would give to a beginning emerging designer?

Do and make something worthwhile. There’s enough junk in the world, so design something that contributes to a greater good.

  • How do you define success for yourself and your brand?

I define success as seeing women who love to wear my clothes because it makes them feel great, inside and out. Shopping with me (and my stockists) is a choice that aligns with their values; it’s an ethical choice, good for the environment and supports their local economy. But most of all, they love the style!

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