We love amazing designers who create collections to raise awareness and funds to support a cause. In addition, this item is perfect for Father’s Day!

We would like to introduce a new collection from MBARQGO, the Libre Collection. A collection of high end travel accessories for men and women, with a philanthropic initiative to save children that have fallen victim to child trafficking and slavery. In Haiti, children are often placed in “foster” homes and later made to be the family’s personal slave. The Libre Collection was created to raise awareness and funds to support the Restavek Freedom Foundation in Haiti; a foundation that provide resources and support for children victimized by human trafficking and child slavery.

View the kickstarter campaign HERE.


A perfect gift for dad, the Tonsorial Tote: A collaboration between MBARQGO & Barbert by design, and Gornik&Drucker.

Traditionally a bag of this nature would be used to carry everything needed for grooming and the tonsorial arts. Nowadays this timeless piece can be also used to carry any array of items that you deem worthy to bring along for the journey.

The tote retails for $310, on www.mbarqgo.com