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Bobbi Brown launched her cosmetic line in 1991 with her first ten shades of lipsticks.  The original goal was to sell 100 lipsticks in her first month, she exceeded that goal and sold 100 lipsticks on her first day.  After four years of continued success, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics became apart of Estee Lauder and Bobbi was able to keep full creative control of her line.

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What makes Bobbi Brown’s line stand out from the rest is her take on celebrating the natural beauty of every woman.  In 2010 she launched her campaign, Pretty Powerful which is a product of her belief that, “all women are pretty without makeup, but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful”.  This campaign is dedicated to funding non-profit organizations that educate and empower women and girls of all walks of life.

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Currently Bobbi Brown Cosmetics holds the crown for being the #1 make up artist line founded by a woman… Talk about GIRL POWER!  We here at RAGTRADE are truly honored and thankful to have had Bobbi Brown Cosmetics as one of our founders this year.  Thank you once again and we wish the brand continued success!

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Photo Credit: Bobbi Brown Cosmetics