With no tents and no Mercedes-Benz, New York Fashion Week is going to look pretty unfamiliar come September. And now there is a new NYFW logo for us to adjust our eyes to.

The CFDA, which took control of the official Fashion Calendar last year, worked with agency Redscout on new branding for the biannual event, landing on the above logos. The CFDA, seen broadly as a governing body of New York’s fashion industry, said that the colors are taken from the flag of New York City. The splits in the lettering are meant to suggest “both garment stitches and City street lines.”

So why a logo? “The campaign unifies New York Fashion Week as a whole, including runway venues and independent shows that are not part of a major venue, which account for almost two-thirds of the two main women’s seasons,” Steven Kolb, CEO of the CFDA, said in a statement.

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Story Cred: Fashionista.com

Photo Cred: Getty Images