by Maire McMahon

Darkness filled the theater as scintillating sounds of a Mongolian morin khuur flooded the speakers at Lincoln Center. A Mongolian musician, who was later joined by a hip-hop singer, inaugurated the Mongol Fall/Winter 2015 collection by Bayarmaa Bayarkhuu with an incredible performance. Initially opening with slow and calming rhythms, the music quickly transformed into a full-blown, bass-buzzing dubstep remix which later revealed a true emulation and core essence of the Fall/Winter 2015 collection. Combining the old with the new, Bayarkhuu took us on a colorful and eclectic journey to ancient and oriental Mongolia.

The Mongol Fall/Winter 2015 collection illustrated a beautiful combination of traditional Mongolian costumes and urban casual style– hitting the perfect balance between oriental tradition, luxury and comfort. Bayarkhuu’s collection incorporated tantalizing looks featuring Mongolian lamb fur, embroidered silk, leather, cashmere and raw materials such as jelly plastic and PVC.

Despite drawing inspiration from traditional Mongolian dressing, Bayarkhuu maintained contemporary on-trend looks using laser-cut overlays, geometric cutouts and sequins…lots and lots of sequins.

Incase you have been living under a rock, the 1970s are back in full swing..pun intended. Mongol, again perfectly balancing trend and tradition, excitingly introduced the return of capes and bell sleeves into Fall/Winter 2015.

Mongol created a incredibly captivating collection and that is certainly one watch out for.  I was honored to participate in the star-studded audience alongside one of my favorite SNL girls,  actress Maya Rudolph and television personality Tim Gunn (who totally said ‘make it work’ in a casual convo to his neighbor by the way).

Also, confession: I tried to take the subway to this show from the West Village and I ended up in Brooklyn…whoops. Shout out to my Uber driver for getting me here on time and in one piece!

Photo credit: sosuperlative

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 12.00.04 PM  Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 11.59.16 AMMongol Fall/Winter 2015  Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 12.01.12 PM