It’s obvious that creating a fashion line is more than just sketches, needles and thread. There’s a lot that goes into a successful startup line including the business aspects of finance and marketing . What seems obvious to most, is not. Read below on how these three start-up tips are essential keys to elevating your brand.

Know Your BRAND!

Too often, designers spend time, effort and money on marketing a brand that they know very little about. This is your brand, your baby. Knowing the ins and outs is very important. Before developing a marketing strategy, figure out exactly what the product is and what you want it to reflect. Having a clear understanding of your brand ,in the beginning, will make pitching to customers and stylists much easier.


MAJOR KEY: Know your brand before your begin to market it.

Set a Budget

… and sticking with it. Many emerging designers often forget the financial component of the business. It is essential that designers factor in the everyday cost and not just  the necessary funds for their upcoming runway show. Budgeting and accountability are both very important factors when your funds are being provided by a lender.


NYC investor, JoBeth Tananbaum says, “As a lender, I’m expecting you to know [your role] in a lending relationship. Knowing where every dollar and cent is going in the beginning makes a HUGE difference”  


MAJOR KEY: A small percentage of your collection is in the design, the bulk of your brand is the business.  

Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media is here and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Your brand is an extension of you. Twitter and Instagram are the perfect platforms for emerging designers to gain insight on what designs and trends consumers love and hate. It’s also a perfect opportunity for journalist, lenders and stylist to get unfiltered, live updates on your brand’s progression.


MAJOR KEY: Please tweet responsibly.

Ultimately, Success is all about attitude! Track your growth with a portfolio to see how far your brand has come along.  Leverage all opportunities and keep in mind these three  tips on your way to the top!