NEW YORK, Dec. 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Macy’s, Inc. has launched the collection of its first luxury technology designer. Andrew Royce Bauer, CEO of Royce Leather, integrates Fingerprint Technology, RFID Blocking Technology, and GPS Technology into his handbags, briefcases, and wallets to innovatively protect your most private possessions.

The designer collection exclusive to Macy’s features the Royce Leather Freedom Briefcase; the world’s first security bag with DNA based fingerprint technology. The product enables a single user to access the bag, demonstrating the ultimate in personal and travel security.

“Macy’s represents the greatest platform in the world to showcase fashion in its most innovative forms,” says Andrew Royce Bauer. “If you have items to protect, I have found the solution.”

The collection bridges traditional luxury accessories with contemporary, 21st century technology to create styles for the forward-thinking consumer.

The Freedom Briefcase offers discreet protection coupled with a slim, sleek silhouette, hand-milled hardware, and Italian Saffiano Leather. The security of the bag is reaffirmed by U.S. Government Certified Radio Frequency Identification Blocking Technology to thwart electronic identity theft.

“I have revised the past to produce innovative designs for the forward-thinking luxury consumer,” says Andrew Royce Bauer. “The Royce Leather Freedom Briefcase is a contemporary design for the most aspirational buyer.”

The unique collection by Royce Leather will be available on December 15th at Macy’s and will include bags, wallets, and handbags for men and women with Fingerprint Technology, RFID Blocking Technology, and GPS Technology.

About Royce Leather

Royce Leather is a manufacturer of luxury goods for the discerning individual. Founded in New York City in 1974 as Emporium Leather, Royce Leather continues its family tradition of design currently under the creative direction of Andrew Royce Bauer. The American company creates a collection of handmade handbags, travel goods, and accessories integrating the world’s most aspirational quality, ethical construction, and innovative functionality.