Lululemon has recently recalled some of their signature stretchy black yoga pants after too many complaints of an unacceptable level of sheerness.

As stock drops, suppliers are blaming the company for misjudging women’s taste. However, the Taiwanese maker of the line is saying the recent mishap and pull of stock isn’t their fault-they were merely following instructions from the company.

Shares of Lululemon fell 4.6 percent to 64.38 percent on Tuesday, the day after it warned recall would significantly affect results.

The Taiwanese supplier behind the recalled line believes the Canadian retailer simply misjudged the taste of their customers. Eclat Textile Co Ltd, a supplier for Lululemon, said that “a gap between Lululemon’s expectations and reaction from the market” was the cause of the problem.

“We checked our orders this morning and indeed, we did follow their instructions to make the product” said Roger Lo, a rep at Eclat. “Lulu has some new ideas every year, such as taking approaches for fashion-related purposes.”

Retailers knew the severity of the problem at hand when the product was released to the market and immediately customers had a negative response to the opacity.

Lululemon also experienced a similar incident with another line of their light colored pants. It is now sold with a disclaimer warning the customer of the sheerness in the pants and recommends them to do some Down Dogs to see if they are comfortable in the pants.