It’s been 31 years since Hermès‘s iconic and exorbitantly expensive Birkin Bagmade its debut, and little about the tote has changed since. While the handbag’s aspirational price point has increased over the years — now falling into the $10,500 to $150,000 range at retail — it may soon receive its most significant update yet, if only at the demand of its namesake, Jane Birkin.

On Tuesday, PETA announced that the British-born actress and singer has asked Hermès to rename its crocodile bag after learning of the disturbing practices used in its production. A recent PETA investigation alleged that an alligator factory in Winnie, Texas — which sends skins to a Hermès-owned tannery — employs a number of inhumane practices, including slaughtering the animals while they’re “still conscious and able to feel pain.” It takes two or three crocodiles to make just one handbag.

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