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RAGTRADE ATLANTA members toured BLANKSLATE’s Showroom this past Friday. Felicia Ruiz, BLANKSLATE’s Showroom manager filled us in on what it takes to run a successful showroom, how she obtained this position, and why she’s an advocate for emerging designers beginning in showrooms. What stands out about the BLANKSLATE Showroom is that they house brands spec[...]

5 Questions With Francesca Canepa of Port Zienna

As supporters of emerging designers, RAGTRADE ATLANTA was ecstatic to come across Port Zienna. We had the opportunity to e-interview Port Zienna's founder, Francesca Canepa. When reading her responses, you can feel the excitement she has for the brand. Her responses give us background of Port Zienna, the brand's purpose, and also what's next! Although Port Z[...]

Summer Hustle: Gucci Mane for Footaction

Good things come to those that hustle and this summer is no exception. In Footaction’s new Summer Hustle video, Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane La Flare —who’s known to make lemonade out of lemons—offers his entrepreneurial guidance to kids looking to add a few dollars to their pocket and the freshest gear to their closet. No matter the hustle, flipping burger[...]