In honor of Women’s International History Month, we want to highlight one of our new favorite women designers.


Danielle Chandler is an American born Guyanese-Canadian designer. She studied at the Fashion Institution of Technology in New York and abroad at the Politecnico di Milano in Italy. Her work explores the unusual construction and the balance between art and utility.

Linear Optics explores the irregular construction and optical lines. Satin ribbons are layered on an organdy shell. Shirtings and wools are shaped into architectural forms. Stripes are manipulated by the forms and layers to create optical designs. These optical designs differ from the perspective of the viewer.

“I would describe my aesthetic as polished, whimsical, and feminine.”

Chandler has already been featured as an emerging designer on Not Just a Label, the September 2017 issue of Elements Magazine, The Garnett Report and iMute Magazine.

Check out images from her most recent collection, Linear Optics