On Friday, March 30th, Phillana Williams and Kara Chin of the Mayor’s Office of Film and Entertainment joined RAGTRADE ATLANTA and Fashion in Atlanta (FIA) at their third installment of CULTIVATE to make an exciting announcement about the city’s expansion into the fashion industry. This announcement comes months after the city has begun to experience an influx of successful retail and showrooms, fashion industry programming such as educational workshops, fashion show productions, creative content and more due in part from organizations like RAGTRADE ATLANTA and FIA. Event attendees included fashion/accessory designers, manufacturers, fashion educators, media/bloggers and more.

Moderated by Angela Watts, founder and executive director of RAGTRADE ATLANTA, Williams and Chin spoke about the Mayor’s Office of Film and Entertainment great success in the entertainment industry (TV/film and music) and how they would like to make fashion as successful as other markets. Guests also shared their opinions about how the city could expand their department to include funds for manufacturing, distribution, a fashion incubator and more. Williams and Chin challenged each guest in the room to network and collaborate with their peers to keep the momentum going.

The overall sentiment the guests left with was excited to push the fashion industry forward: “This was an awesome event for different people to come together so we can expand,” said Alexandria Alli, an Atlanta-based fashion designer. “This event was very informative…I needed this to learn more,” said Amanda Chapman, an Atlanta-based fashion designer.

Co-produced by RAGTRADE ATLANTA and FIA, CULTIVATE is a monthly meet-up series designed for discussions on how to progress the fashion industry in Atlanta through lectures, panels, and special guests.

The next CULTIVATE will be on Wednesday, April 18, 2018, at Switchyards from 7pm-9pm. For more information, please visit www.ragtradeatlanta.com .