On Friday, April 18th fashion influencers Shahad Alqaysi and Rigel Gemini and from Associated Press Jonathan Landrum joined RAGTRADE ATLANTA and Fashion in Atlanta at CULTIVATE in a panel discussion held at Switchyards. The panelists spoke on the new emerging market that brands are investing their time and money in influencer marketing and its relationship with the media. The audience was filled with local designers from Atlanta and aspiring fashion and beauty social influencers eager to learn more about our panelist.

The panel was moderated by Executive Coordinator of RAGTRADE ATLANTA, Sean Rush. With a combined social following of 600,000 + Alqaysi and Gemini shared their experiences on working with brands and informed everyone on the importance of remaining authentic in their journey to building their following and creating content that adds value to their audiences. Landrum with over 14 years of experience in the journalism industry shared his knowledge on pitching to brands and being credible in their outreach to media.

The audience joined in on the conversation in the feedback segment of the panel discussing their personal struggles tapping into the industry and how they plan to utilize the information provided to help with their personal growth : “The CULTIVATE was very informative, as an influencer who is just starting off I feel more prepared to get started, ” said Atlanta aspiring influencer. The panelist left the audience with three things to think about in terms of being successful in the influencer and media industry: Aesthetic, Originality, and Network.

Co-produced by RAGTRADE ATLANTA and FIA, CULTIVATE is a monthly meet-up series designed for discussions on how to progress the fashion industry in Atlanta through lectures, panels, and special guest.

Stay tuned for more detail about the next CULTIVATE. For more information, please visit www.ragtradeatlanta.com . Thank you to Switchyards for hosting us.

About Switchyards

Built in 1928, SDC is a members-only gathering place designed exclusively to create beautiful startups for consumers. There isn’t a better place in Atlanta to build, accelerate and grow consumer & design-focused companies. The building is 19,000 square feet and includes an espresso bar, 250 seat theater, 12 conference rooms and one ping pong table. It’s the first of its kind in Atlanta.