HYPEBEAST.com launched the first installment of their new blog series titled The Costs of Starting a Fashion BrandStarting with ‘Part One: Decisions & Designs.’

Job security, steady income, foreseeable career path, savings, what do these all have in common? They are all just a few of the sacrifices one can expect when starting their own brand. The daunting task of giving everything up and starting your own label holds many risks, but the rewards can provide you with something more than just monetary satisfaction. You are your own man. It’s generally not about the money to begin with, most are borne out of a passion and as a hobby to make something that is new and refreshing. This digital age that we live has leveled the playing field where more people can take the plunge as online stores have eliminated the costs of opening up a brick and mortar. According to The Business of Fashion, the fashion in itself amounts to a $1.5 trillion dollar industry.

With so much opportunity, we look into the business side of starting a brand with a number of people who took the leap of faith and started their own labels such as Guillaume Philibert of Filling Pieces, Brandon Svarc of Naked & Famous, Benny Gold and Tim Joo of Haerfest, as well as many others. While numerous components like production, marketing and distribution all play key parts in making up the brand, we go into what is often the most difficult aspect of it all — the decision.

What you may come to realize from the experiences below, is that pretty much everyone started from scratch without outside investment, and little to no money is spent at the start of building a brand. These are the costs that may not pertain to financial value but might be time and the subsequent risks that come with investing your time. The next installments of The Costs of Starting a Fashion Brand will go into the areas where money is a necessary factor such as in production and marketing.

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