We have all heard the buzz over whether Amal Clooney’s choice of opera gloves was a fashion forward move or reason to be categorized as a worst dress nominee.

Sunday at the Golden Globes, Amal stunned in a black one-shoulder Dior haute-couture dress, but the real controversy was whether she made a mistake wearing opera gloves with it.

The gloves, being her own, brightly white and scrunched below her elbows, created a huge uproar. On E’s “Fashion Police” Host Kathy Griffin fired right away criticizing the gloves. “She had on those gloves that remind me of, like, a porn scene, where the guy goes home and there’s the naughty dishwasher, and she only has the gloves.”

Kathy was simply just one person in the large number of critics, taking shots at Amal for a poor fashion choice that might haunt her forever. The gloves even have their own twitter account @msclooneygloves where tweets are made about the gloves and Amal.

Ms. Clooney is no royalty as critics were saying, but she is one lucky lady.