Adidas has just announced the opening of their second Speedfactory in Atlanta, GA. The first Speedfactory, opened in Germany, has been extremely successful in manufacturing custom-made sneakers for distribution. The idea of the Speedfactory is to design, produce, and export customized sneakers in 45 days.

Adidas has also launched the new running shoe series “Adidas Made For” also referred to as “AM4”. The first sneaker to be featured in this series is Adidas Made For London (AM4LDN). The series will include sneakers inspired by and customized according to London and five other cities; Paris (AM4PAR), Los Angeles (AM4LA), New York (AM4NYC), Tokyo (AM4TKY) and Shanghai (AM4SHA).

In collaboration with runners from each city, Adidas has created the ideal sneaker. Each sneaker is made to withstand the various weather changes, structures, and overall makes of the cities while supporting the runner wearing them. For example, sneakers designed for the streets of London would have to withstand rainy weather and cold temperatures as opposed to sneakers designed for the warm and dry climate of Los Angeles.

Adidas has also announced that AM4 will be in continuous beta mode. This allows for consumer feedback and changes made within athletes to be considered for further development.

The AM4 series will be manufactured in the Speedfactory to allow for efficient production and distribution. We’re excited that Adidas has chosen Atlanta to house their second Speedfactory. This is just the next step in the advancing development of our city.