The Amex CEO Bootcamp had some smart women sharing their knowledge and expertise. One discussion was made up of a group of media, branding, and investment experts talking about how to stand out from competitors and successfully promote your brand.  Here are some important points from the discussion.

9 Tips on Standing Out in a Crowded Marketplace

  • Brands with a social mission- if you lead with that social mission, it will help you to make a few sales with a consumer, but it rarely creates a long time customer
  • The most successful companies are those that have a built-in story; not a story that a PR agency helps you concoct, but a real and true story that you honestly share.
  • Even if you have an online business, you need to be meeting your customers in the real world, face to face.
  • Never think you’re building a company, remember you’re building a brand. And make decisions accordingly.
  • When thinking about expansion, think about the people within your company, even more than externally. Meaning, you can’t effectively expand without the right team in place.
  • Further note about expansion is that it can’t happen unless you listen to what the customer wants.
  • On partnerships- the key is often having the same vision and values but different skill sets.
  • More on partnerships- think of each other as a sounding board. If you disagree about something, think about why. Perhaps you’re missing something that the other person sees.

Article Credit: Nicole Giordano, StartUp Fashion
Photo Credit: StartUp Fashion