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The interweb is flat out noisy with fashion and style related information almost to the point of serious overload.  To help quiet down the mess, we’ve compiled our top 8 essential websites for stylists, real, hardcore stylists.  Below we give you an awesome list that we pull inspiration, information, and creativity from.  


Offers a high-end point of view with an artistic twist sprinkled on top.  We think two words could easily describe the flow and info on this website and that word is “Artsy and Fresh”.  Check it for your daily dose of high fashion/fine art.


Here’s a very pro-stylist site with tons of industry info relating to careers and getting ahead in the fashion world.  They follow and write on the full spectrum of fashion, from Target to the catwalk.  We sign up for their newsletter and suggest you do the same.  You never know what gems you’ll learn from these guys.


If you go to their about page it says, “Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing the things you love.”  Yeah, we love fashion and style and love following and collecting images that inspire us.  It’s basically your way of creating a visual smorgasbord of style and inspiration.  Total necessity.


These guys are so rad that they have 3 websites, one for NY, one for LA and one for the national audience.  If the name didn’t give it away the main premise of Racked is shopping/retail.  They are the CNN of sales, sample sales, store openings and anything retail related from streetwear to runway collections.  Plus, they mix in celebrity news so essentially you have a stacked dose of fashion fun.


If you haven’t heard of it before, Refinery 29 is huge.  Not only are they involved in fashion and style but they also cover lifestyle in a stylistic way.  It is a content powerhouse that gives you tips on how to lead a more stylish and creative life.  Just sign up for their newsletter and you’ll see what we are talking about.  1.25 million registered email users can’t all be wrong.


If Style is your URL you better bring it, right?  Well, they do.  Now go check them out, get their newsletter and take it from there.  Seriously can’t say all the things they do in one blog post.


Under the New York Magazine umbrella, The Cut has serious street cred running through its veins.  They provide fashion-forward content covering the rising stars in fashion to the trenches of celebrity wonderland not to mention a side of humor that seems to be absent from other publications of the like.


And now we present the “fashion industry bible” as to which this company has been referred to over the years.  If a media company has been around for 100 years, we think it’s safe to say they have something special going on.  This is the older Sister of and part of the Conde Nast family that brings the most relevant and up to date info covering everything in fashion and style.