We’re back with our second segment of ‘5 Questions With…’ featuring Tracy Nicole, a humble, hardworking, fashion forward, emerging designer out of Atlanta, Georgia. She filled us in on what motivates her, how Tracy Nicole Clothing transpired into a brand, and her hopes for her brand in Atlanta’s fashion community.


What is the inspiration behind Tracy Nicole?

Tracy Nicole Clothing is inspired by the woman juggling it all, work, life and play!  It is meant to be classic and versatile while allowing the woman wearing it to be herself– to let her true nature shine. The philosophy behind the company is to encourage women to embrace themselves by promoting positive self-awareness for all body types.  I want women to see that sexy doesn’t have to mean revealing–rather sexy can be embodied just as well in self-worth and confidence.

Tracy Nicole Clothing can be worn by women of various body types and meet various needs. Soft, flowing fabrics are chosen that look complimenting while also appealing to the wearer’s senses.  The line gives the consumer buildable ensemble pieces, that marry from season to season, one line to the next.

I am inspired by people who have beat the odds and the underdog that not many believed in.  I am inspired by the person that believed in themselves so much that “No” was not an acceptable answer.  Each piece is named after an inspiring woman who has impacted the community in some way, and every color has a meaning — it’s not just about what’s on you, it’s about what’s in you.”


I am inspired by the person that believed in themselves so much that “No” was not an acceptable answer. – Tracy Nicole


What is your creative process when designing for Tracy Nicole Clothing?

My creative process is never ending!  I am always creating… even in my sleep.  I listen to a lot of music to zone out when I’m designing.  I have certain music that gives me creative energy.  I travel a lot and always get new ideas from seeing new places.  I like to be alone with I create.  When I start designing a collection I go source fabrics and all kinds of ideas come into my head… sometimes too many!  I buy some fabric and sit at the sewing machine with my headphones on and my music really loud to escape the world and create a piece in my head.  I work on it until it comes out how I imagined or sometimes it ends up transforming into something different.  That’s what makes it fun because I can do anything I want.  If I’m traveling I usually pull out my sketch pad and sketch out what’s in my head.


What influence would you hope for your brand to have on the fashion community?

Create your own lane.  I want people to believe that they can make their own rules in this fashion industry.  Think outside of the box and know that you can do anything you put your all behind.  Find your niche and run with it.

It’s important for me to show the importance of women uplifting and supporting eachother as well as accepting each other for our differences.  I truly believe there is room at the top for everyone.  It does not take away from anything you are doing to extend help and support someone else.

More than merely a clothing line, Tracy Nicole Clothing is philanthropic as it supports various non-profit organizations including my own, Perfect Peach, Inc., for underprivileged young ladies in metro Atlanta. A signature ‘I Woke Up Like This’  and ‘I Am Enough’ T-shirt was designed exclusively to support self-esteem workshops for at risk teens with 100% of the net proceeds being used to provide materials including workbooks, novels and journals for the participants.  As a designer, it’s truly fulfilling to host private trunk shows where a portion of proceeds support self-esteem workshops, college scholarships and summer programs to underserved young ladies.  We also hold private events to raise money for breast cancer research working closely with other non-profits such as Susan G. Komen of Atlanta.  As a survivor and a daughter of a survivor of this horrible disease it is imperative that I do what I can to give back to help find a cure.


What are some trials and tribulations of being an emerging designer that you’ve faced?

Learning that everything is not going to go exactly how you plan is something that was hard to get used to.  Also, learning that everyone will not believe in you or even like what you are doing.  I learned to stay true to my vision and stay focused on my goals knowing that many won’t be able to see what I see.  I have had some deals go wrong and you just have to move forward and stay focused.  I had a store place an order for my clothing line and change their mind without even giving my line a chance even when I offered to travel there to help them have success with the line.  I decided to keep it moving by refunding them and deciding that’s just not my customer.  When they shipped the items back I added the to the online store and sold out of the entire order!  That worked out in my favor.  I think having a positive reaction to any situation will push the outcome in your favor.


How do you define success?

I define success as having the courage to follow your dreams with everything in you being consistently authentic and unapologetic.  Success is having a vision, seeing it come to fruition and giving back along the way.   Staying focused on where you are going believing the sky is the limit all while staying true to yourself.  Truly successful people don’t forget where they started and love to see others succeed!

Success is having a vision, seeing it come to fruition and giving back along the way.

– Tracy Nicole

Tracy Nicole is excited for the future of her brand! She has recently released a men’s and children’s collection with the ideas of comfort and style in mind for both. Be sure to keep this emerging designer in mind when shopping for new pieces that will compliment your body and give you a sense of confidence.


Follow Tracy Nicole on social media at @TracyNicoleATL and @TracyNicoleClothing