I, Tabitha Fielteau am a womenswear fashion designer. My clothing line was launched in the spring of 2014. As a designer, I think about the Tabitha Fielteau woman in every aspect. She is a woman who loves fashion with sophistication, she is invested in every area of her life including her wardrobe, and she loves to stand out of the crowd. I am dedicated to keeping each design true to my aesthetic which can be summed up in three words: Chic. Smart. Sophisticated.

  • How would you describe your designs?

I would say my genre/style is very much chic, sophisticated, and modern.

  • How do you see your designs impacting Atlanta Fashion and beyond?

I believe a woman’s sexy is not the wearing of revealing clothing, but the confidence she exerts when she wears something that resonates her self-worth, classiness, and ability to remain chic in an industry that portrays a different image. The Tabitha Fielteau clothing line is meant to bring out this confidence, beauty, and chic side to every woman.

  • What have been some obstacles along your journey as an emerging designer thus far?

I think as most self-invested designers, CAPITAL. lol Having tens of thousands of dollars in the bank would definitely make my job easier. But I never started designing because of the money, so this would ever stop my motivation. Also, TIME! My time is so important to me! I don’t have time to waste time, lol. I am a wife and a mother of 3, so I am always juggling my time. It honestly wouldn’t be a journey unless you have some obstacles to cross.

  • Based on what you have learned so far in your journey what are some do’s and don’ts that you would give fellow emerging designers?

Don’ts: Don’t show your first creations to early while it may feel good to show something you created, but your 1st creations may not be so great and social media makes everything you post, lasting.

Do: Keep learning, rather it’s the business or creative side of fashion. I never stop trying new things and honing my current skills.