Have you all heard about the designer behind Atlanta’s next daywear lingerie line? Marsha Chin-Glover is the founder and creative director of NEWDE, which was recently featured in our last RAGTRADE ATLANTA Runway Show. NEWDE is breaking the limit on what it means to be a self-aware woman in today’s society. Read the entire interview below.

  • Tell our readers about NEWDE

NEWDE is a Lingerie toDaywear clothing line. The name NEWDE is a play on “The new nude” and what that means to me is designing clothing that accentuates a woman’s nude rather than taking away from it. I believe that the female body, with all its curves, is one of the most beautiful creations. Clothing should not take away from that beauty but complement it.  In addition,  I think its time we get back to wearing clothes instead of the clothes wearing us.

  • As a designer of lingerie, how do you feel your brand impacts the fashion industry?

My brand, NEWDE, is giving the industry a true appreciation for femininity and the concept of being sexy.  A lot of clothing lines focus more so on popularity rather than individuality to set the trend. Popularity=Brand. I think sexy is the confidence a woman feels in the clothing she wears versus what someone else is wearing. NEWDE designs promote individuality instead of popularity.  Majority of our pieces are foundation pieces for a woman to create her own personal style/ sexy.

  • What is one thing you hope to bring to Atlanta’s fashion community with NEWDE?

A new sense of Style. NEWDE being a lingerie to daywear line is new for Atlanta. I’m not aware of any lingerie lines coming out of Atlanta at the moment. 

  • What is one trial that you’ve faced as an emerging designer and how have you conquered it?

Lack of resources locally is a trial I face as an emerging designer.  Atlanta has so many talented emerging designers but lacks the resources that New York or Los Angeles provides. I have not yet conquered this trial, however, I have been blessed to partner with RAGTRADE ATLANTA. Brands like RAGTRADE ATLANTA are helping to create a platform in Atlanta that brings valuable resources to local emerging designers.   

  • Please share a quote that has impacted you positively on your journey as an emerging designer.

“Life is a Journey, not a destination” is a quote I have come to appreciate.  I have always been a person that set goals for myself and work hard with a timeframe to achieve these goals.  I did the same when starting NEWDE.  I started off setting goals and worked hard to achieve them in a certain timeframe, focusing more on the destination than the journey.  I have come to realize that the business we are in, fashion does not always follow an outline. However, I am enjoying the people I’m meeting and the lessons I am learning throughout the process.  I am focusing less on the destination and appreciating the journey.