We had the chance to sit down with Marissa Swanson, the creator of TOSS and find out more about her fashion app, TOSS. For the full interview and deets on her thoughts on what’s needed to grow Atlanta’s fashion scene, please read below!

  • Please tell our viewers/readers about Toss.

Toss is a personal styling application that leverages what’s already in your closet to create new and unique outfits for you daily. Each outfit is based on four parameters, what you’re doing that day, what the weather is like outside, the dress code and your mood. Whether you’re going to work every day or grabbing brunch with your friends, Toss will create the perfect ensemble for you and how you’re feeling, even if it’s a little bloated. The app keeps a digital inventory of your wardrobe and archives previous looks so you maximize the investment you made in your wardrobe without repeating the same looks. Every time you ‘Toss’ an outfit together we recommend items to ‘complete your look’. Whether that’s a statement necklace or colorful cardigan, we show that new item throughout multiple looks, so you can see how it fits into your wardrobe. We are launching our beta version of the app this month for women and would love for all tuning in to sign up. Visit our website at www.toss.fashion , submit your email and we will notify you when it’s ready to download.

  • How has your app impacted the fashion industry thus far?

With behemoths, like Amazon, affecting brick and mortar stores, pushing fast fashion, we, on the other hand, are enhancing the buyer and retailer experience when it comes to styling and shopping for smaller brands. Starting local in Atlanta, we are incorporating retailers into our network within the app through those suggestions to “complete your look” by offering our users an opportunity to invest in a designer here in Atlanta they may not have heard of yet. We are continuing to grow our network of local designers and retailers, so please contact me if you would like to have your products on the platform. We are also working with local stylists to help curate our styling algorithm in order to guarantee that ‘perfect outfit’ for any occasion.


  • What do you feel is needed to help grow Atlanta’s fashion industry?

In speaking with multiple Atlanta fashion community members, there is a need to share resources in order to keep amazing fashion in Atlanta. Far too many designers leave the south for NYC, LA or abroad, which prevents Atlanta’s community from growing. I believe there is a great network here, we just need to continue to share resources and connect more to build up Atlanta’s fashion industry. Whether that’s through helping designers or introducing new technology, there are multiple outlets to facilitate a strong, innovative fashion community in Atlanta.

  • What are some trials and tribulations that you’ve faced on the journey of creating this fashion app?

Fashion is one of the last industries to adopt new technology and generally are years behind other industries. This has resulted in a lot of people in fashion who are unfamiliar with how technologies, like Toss, can have an impact, good or bad on their business. It has been a long journey of over three years, meeting with retail executives, speaking with brands and interviewing designers, to determine the necessary steps we need to take at Toss, in order to make sense for all parties. Luckily, we are at a pivotal time where most people in the industry are paying attention to what needs to happen to their business in order to stay relevant but unfortunately for the ones who didn’t adopt technology early enough, they are being pushed out. This leaves only the strongest players in the fashion industry that are eager to forge ahead and innovate.

  • You’ve entered the fashion industry from a technological standpoint. What is one piece of advice that you would offer to others who have similar goals?

Your network is the most important part of building something. The more variety you have when it comes to the people you have in your arsenal, the better off you will be. It’s so easy to stay in your comfort zone because that is what feels safe, but you have to put yourself in situations you’ve never been in and meet people you don’t normally associate with. One pivotal moment for me was when I participated in my first hackathon in 2016. I knew no one, barely knew how to code and do not come from a business background but I went in with an open mind, excited to meet new people from all walks of life and left with the ideal outcome, my team and I took home first place. I’ve found going to meetups and other events by myself have been the most lucrative. You’re forced to talk to others and most of the time, there are people just like you there, with an idea, looking for help in validating and building it. Those connections you make will be the ones that will help you bring an idea to life.


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