We found Kids of Broken Future on and was immediately intrigued by the style and concept of the brand. We just had to know more about them! Read the entire interview below.

KIDS OF BROKEN FUTURE is an international fashion brand based in Barcelona. Our philosophy and lifestyle are focused on getting out of the present and creating the possibility of new futures. KBF has a special interest in the artistic and aesthetic past and present of the society from a subcultural point of view and as a reflection of their way of being.


KBF is a streetwear brand that gives a different point of view on the way of dressing. We think about the functionality of the garments and the needs that our niche has or will have in the future. We work with high-quality fabrics and with technical research that allows us to go further when innovating.

  • What are some trials and tribulations that you’ve faced as an emerging designer?

As an emerging designer building your own brand is opening yourself to a totally new world where you are learning every day and where you realize that all that you know is only the basement of something that is being built step by step. As a new brand, you must fight against the big market that already exists and that has a loyal customer base. The fashion world is constantly changing and many brands start but end up falling.

  • What has been the most rewarding part of your journey as an emerging designer?

As a creative, the most comforting part is to see that the public likes your work and that they really appreciate what you do. This is a sign of a job well done and is reflected in the opinions of all kind of people- press- professionals of the fashion and the most important- the customers.

  • What’s is one piece of advice that you would give to your fellow emerging designers?

The most important thing is to have confidence in yourself. This is what I am most aware of now. Since I’m in the process of creating something of my own, I’ve noticed that this journey is scary. Obviously, everyone has better and worse days but you must be constant- and if you have a dream or a project that you want to make real you have to go ahead and never accept NO as an answer.

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