On our search for new emerging designers, we came across the emerging  luxury shoe brand i’alave. We were amazed by their whimsical designs, the technique of color blocking, and their efforts to cater to both fashion and comfort. We had the pleasure to interview i’alave’s founder Eva Lai. Below you will find the full e-interview.

i’alave is created by Eva Lai, a designer from Taiwan and a graduate from London College of Fashion. Eva aims to design i’alave shoes as the perfect blend of fine materials, color, emotion and silhouettes with traditional Italian shoemaking. The brand is born in 2013 in San Francisco. Since then, with Eva’s dedication, creativity and hardwork, i’alave collection was selected Vogue Italia as one of the top 20 new designer in the world to showcase in Vogue Dubai Fashion Show. Afterwards, i’alave shoes participated in London Fashion Week, Premiere Classe Paris, White Milan Italy, ENK New York, HKDTC Hong Kong, and Taiwan In Style Taiwan. Vogue UK, Glamour UK, Elle Croatia, and Vogue Accessories are amongst the magazines coverages on i’alave collections. World celebrities who adore the collection include Karolina Kurkova, Lilimar Hernandez, Carlson Young, Claudia Black, Lisa Edelstein and many more.

i’alave brings eternal beautiful designs and high-end italia hand-made quality to shoes making. Every women in the world can enjoy and forever treasure a pair of I’alave shoes.

  • What influence do you hope for i’alave to have on the fashion industry?

There is a myth in fashion that beautiful design are not comfortable.  i’alave aims to break the myth by offering beautiful and chic designs to shoes while providing high end quality comfort with our shoes for our consumers.

  • What are some trials and tribulations that you’ve faced as an emerging shoe designer?

We think one of the areas is brand awareness.  We think one way to build brand awareness is by word of mouth.  We aim to keep on designing and producing high end quality and beautiful shoes for our fans and promote our brand via different channels; social media, magazines and blogs.  We are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to be interviewed by RAGTRADE ATLANTA for a chance to meet our fans in the US and Atlanta.

  • What has been the most rewarding part of your journey as an emerging shoe designer?

There is nothing more rewarding than to see the smiles of someone who wore i’alave shoes.  You can tell right away when they feel more confident and beautiful wearing i’alave shoes.  This is the most rewarding of being an emerging shoe designer

Next step for i’alave is to open a brick and mortar stores.  So far i’alave has been an online phenonoma, we hope to expand this to the physical stores where we can build an intimate relation with our consumers.  A direct touch experience.


Visit i’alave.com for more designs and to stay updated on new releases.

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Instagram: @ialave_shoes