We had the chance to interview Emerging Designer Christian Allana. Watch as she talks about her brand, Atlanta’s fashion community, and where she believes it will go in the future. Also, read below for more information pertaining to her responses.


Please tell our viewers/readers about the Christian Allana Collection.

Christian Allana is a contemporary women’s wear brand that focuses on sportswear and eveningwear with very unique, fun and edgy details. The brand is the perfect mix and combination of feminine details and silhouettes with a bit of an edge! I design for the woman who is authentic and wants to set her self apart from everyone else. She is bold, sexy, fun and confident. While she may wear many hats; she is authentically herself! I want my brand to show women that they can have it all. I want women to celebrate themselves, and what makes them unique! I try to show that through my collection!


What influence has your brand had on Atlanta’s fashion industry?

I don’t feel like I have made a major mark or influence on the Atlanta Fashion Scene yet. However, this is definitely one my top goals! I moved back to the Atlanta area a little over a year ago! Now being back in the city, my goal is to participate in many industry events and fashion shows to help bring more awareness to my brand.


What do you feel Atlanta’s fashion industry needs in order to grow?

I feel like Atlanta’s fashion industry could be a lot bigger then what it is! There is so much here going on in the city! I do think that the Atlanta Fashion Scene needs more platforms for emerging designers. We need more industry events, pop up shops and fashion shows to help showcase our local talent. I believe more apparel manufacturers would help grow the industry too! There are so many local designers here and it would be great to be able to get your items made here in the city too!



Where role do you believe emerging designers play fashion community?

I believe emerging designers play a huge role in our community. I believe we are responsible for bringing the fashion industry “The Next Big Thing.” It’s our responsible to show the industry something different than what they are already seeing. Or how we can spin something old and make it new again! With our world ever evolving through the influence of art, technology and music, I think it’s important for emerging designers to show what innovative and fresh ideas we can create.




What is one piece of advice that you would tell to your fellow emerging designers?

My one piece of advice to my fellow emerging designers is to never give up! Stay consistent and persistent on your dreams. I know sometimes that piece of advice can sound cliché but from experience, it’s the best advice I have ever received! It can be hard to feel like you don’t want to give up when you have lack of funds or the support you may need. I think it’s also important to be realistic. I’ve learned to set obtainable goals for the different stages of my business. While my ending goal has never changed; the way I reached them and the realistic time frame did. But I’ve learned that opportunities to present themselves when you stay focused on your goals and never give up!