We took some time to speak to designers Catherine Rocchio & Shannon King about their brand Cat + King and showcase their recent collection, Perennial Paradise.

Tell Our Readers About Yourselves

We are Catherine Rocchio and Shannon King, lifelong friends who are the co-founders and designers of Cat + King, an eco-luxe womenswear collection. With an education in tailoring acquired at the Fashion Institute of Technology and abroad in Italy, Catherine and I became acquainted with the principles of construction and the details of design.  Furthermore, we have several years of industry experience under our belts, providing us with an in-depth knowledge of the fashion business including the production side (e.g., running day-to-day operations) and the business management side. As two young designers, we have a relentless can-do spirit to grow this brand and bring light to the message behind it.

The Cat + King Studio is located on the cliffs of the Hudson just outside of New York City, making it easy to access all the resources of the garment district. With each piece of the collection, we hand select the fabrics, trims, and finishings to give a purpose and uniqueness to each of our designs. Our undivided attention to detail and quality as well as our deep passion for this industry is what sets Cat + King a part from other fashion houses today. Catherine and I want to bring back the historic couture design techniques of the past and provide women with a luxury and personal shopping experience. In a world of fast fashion, we are here to break boundaries and revive the foundation this industry was built on.

Cat + King dares you to imagine collections to be customized for your taste. All items are tailor made to order, eliminating the waste of mass production and excess. Marrying high-end fashion with sensible sustainability. Our clothing line will be sold exclusively on-line with the incorporation of an e-commerce platform on our website and eventually will be sold in select specialty stores and boutiques.

What Is The Primary Mission of Cat + King?

The primary mission of Cat + King is to support high end manufacturing in the United States while honoring fair trade working conditions for our craftsmen. By doing so, customers can be assured they are choosing quality products while reinforcing responsible clothing manufacturing. But it doesn’t stop there. Our hope and eventual goal is to use our sales toward foundations who provide support, education, and services to disadvantaged children, women, and families in underprivileged communities around the world. Launching this coming February, this very first spring/summer 2018 collection represents the beginning of our mission to be ambassadors of change through the fashion industry.

What Genre Would You Say Best Describes Your Designs?

I don’t think we fall into one particular genre because of our eclecticism. We’re not your typical high end brand. To us, the message is just as important as our product. Cat + King is an eco-luxe specialty brand. Although we’re in a smaller niche market, specialty brands like ourselves tend to offer more elegant pieces due to the attention to detail for each item. As a specialty brand, we’re confident that we will always have an important place in the industry due to our craftsmanship and expertise in our designs. In the same sense, there are always going to be customers who will make the investment to choose quality and responsible clothing manufacturing over department stores and fast fashion chains. These customers have a deep understanding and appreciation for the industry and the workmanship of each item, and they will not compromise. We plan on bringing hand made back to the U.S. one stitch at a time.

How Did You Both Know That Becoming A Fashion Designer Was Right?

We both always had a passion for design and knew we each wanted to pursue it as our career. Being best friends, it just made sense to do it together. Starting our own line was something we talked about doing for years, but it wasn’t until we both started working for mass market fashion companies in New York that we realized, “this just isn’t for us.” With the education and skill set we acquired during our time at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and abroad in Italy, we didn’t feel fulfilled by the lack of creativity of our day jobs. With the garment district of New York slowly dying, we wanted a change and that’s when we decided to start Cat + King. We had a vision of bringing the handcraft skill we learned in school back to the U.S. and make quality, tailor-made garments accessible to consumers while promoting sensible and ethical production practices in the fashion industry. Our ultimate goal is to expand into missionary work and non-profit efforts to benefit underprivileged families through fashion. We dream of working with local artisans around the world and bringing their craft to an international market in order to create better opportunities for their families.

Where Do You See Cat + King In The Fashion World In the Next 3 Years?

With fashion production being outsourced to overseas manufacturers, our hope is to start the trend and bring handmade back to the U.S. while supporting fair trade fashion manufacturing. By spreading our message, we hope to encourage other designers to do the same. We see a future of missions work through the fashion industry in our path. Our hope is to become affiliated with various foundations that provide support to disadvantaged children, women, and families in underprivileged communities around the world. What motivates us and the Cat + King brand is our goal to bring hope to the less fortunate around us.

Stay Tuned!

We will be premiering our upcoming fall collection at Feeric Fashion Week in Europe this coming July so make sure to look out for us!

Designers: Catherine Rocchio & Shannon King

Brand: Cat + King

Collection Title: Perennial Paradise

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/catandking_official/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/catandkingofficial/

Website: http://www.catandking.com

NJAL: https://www.notjustalabel.com/designer/cat-king

Email: catandkingofficial@gmail.com